How do I request a translation?

You can send us the document you would like to translate by email. Once we have received your document, we will proceed to analyse it, evaluating its characteristics and extension. After that, we will send you an estimate and a date of delivery. After submitting the estimate and receiving your approval, we will start with the translation, layout and revision process. The following diagram briefly summarises the whole translation process, since the reception of the document until its delivery.

How do you make a translation estimate?

Depending on the type of service the customer needs and on the type of text, we can make estimates in different ways. Normally, when making an estimate, we apply the stipulated rate to the number of words that the client wants translated or corrected. However, if we perform a text transcription or layout, we charge per hour and, before finishing the project, we can only make an approximate estimate.


What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation, also known as a certified translation, is a translation carried out by a translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, whose seal (as well as signature and certification) grants the translation the same legal validity as the original document. For example, for documents to be submitted to government agencies (academic certificates, criminal records, bank documents…), you will need a sworn translation. The procedure is quick and easy. All you have to do is send a scanned copy of the document to be translated to our email. Once reviewed the document and made the word count, we will send you an estimate as soon as possible. Once the estimate has been accepted and the deadline has been set, we will proceed to the completion of the translation. When the translation is complete, you will receive the document in the address you have provide us.


What is a reverse translation?

A reverse translation is one in which the translator translates from their native language into another language. At Cotranslations we consider that providing each text with the highest quality is essential. Therefore, except for very special cases, we will not accept such type of translation to be performed.


Can I get involved in the translation process?

Of course. You may contact us throughout the translation process to clarify any doubts regarding the translation. You can also submit any relevant observation when ordering the translation, so that the final result meets your preferences. Finally, after receiving the translation, you may contact us to inform us about any aspect related to the work performed, so that it can be considered in future occasions.