Legal services


Legal and administrative translation is a complex discipline that requires both having linguistic and legal knowledge and being very meticulous. A bad translation could have consequences in any field, but in this type of translation, such consequences could be even more serious and lead to the dismissal of a case or to serious complications for clients.

To avoid these problems, it is essential to count on experienced professionals who dedicate the necessary time to each assignment so as to ensure the translation is a faithful reflection of the original and does not give rise to misunderstandings or ambiguities. This is why we only accept assignments whose deadline and subject matter we feel comfortable with in order to ensure that the result is always the best possible.

We have taken part in several projects related to:

  • Translation of certificates (marriage, death, birth…)
  • Translation of contracts (terms and conditions, labour contracts, purchase and sale contracts…)
  • Translation of administrative documents (tax return guides, application forms, templates…)
  • Translation of civil documents (wills, deeds, civil registry documents…)
  • Translation of commercial documents (articles of association, certificates of incorporation, company registration applications…)
  • Translation of procedural documents (appeals, lawsuits, expert reports, letters rogatory…)

Under certain circumstances, it is necessary that, in addition to translating a document, such translation has official nature, that is to say, that it is a traducción jurada. Thus the translator must have been appointed as a sworn translator-interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. Their certification, signature and seal must be included in the translation in order for the document to have the same legal validity as the original one. If this is your case, don’t worry, Tania can provide can provide English>Spanish sworn translations.

If you want to know what kind of projects we have been involved in so far, you can download our legal and administrative services brochure or contact us by phone or email.