General services

After years working together, at Cotranslations we offer several language services with competitive deadlines and the highest quality. Our working languages are Spanish, Galician, English, French and Portuguese, but we only translate into our mother tongues (Spanish and Galician).

We mainly work with marketing and legal and administrative texts, but we also offer other types of translation and language services. During our history we have taken part in projects of different nature and degree of specialisation and this made us aware of the importance of using different language techniques and strategies in every single text for the translation to be a faithful reflection of the original, while still being fluent and sounding natural. Other fields we use to work in are the following:

You may not need a translation, but a transcription of an audio or video file, a proofreading or editing of a text you already have or someone to create content for your website or newsletter, services we offer as well.

As language professionals, we are committed to combining our experience with the particular needs of the service you require, so good communication with the client is essential during the whole process.

Do you want to know if our experience fits what you are looking for? Download our service brochure or drop us a line and ask whatever you need. You can also take a look at our presentation to learn more about us. We are looking forward to meeting you and working together!