We work with Spanish, Galician, English, French and Portuguese. Below you can find all the information regarding the language services we offer:



We translate texts of different nature and different degree of specialisation. Thus, we are aware that each text needs different linguistic strategies so that the final product is a true reflection of the original and, at the same time, the translation sounds natural.

We have experience translating legal texts (letters rogatory, claims, criminal records…), administrative texts (applications, minutes, resolutions…), economic texts (account balances, tax forms, minutes of shareholders’ meetings…), informative texts (press releases, touristic information, advertising texts…), artistic texts (exhibitions for museums, advertising leaflets, informative panels…), literary texts and academic papers from different fields of knowledge.

Furthermore, if you only need to understand the main ideas of a long text written in a foreign language, in Cotranslations we can provide you with a summary translation to make the task easier for you.


We are aware that audiovisual texts have specific characteristics. Thus, when translating this type of text, you have to take into account aspects like the importance of the image and particularities of each subtype of audiovisual translation. In Cotranslations we can translate scripts for dubbing and voice-over, where creativity becomes one of our top priorities. We also take into account the challenges of the creation of subtitles when reproducing the content of the original text with limited space and time. Besides, we are aware of the need of certain social groups, so we offer both audio description script writing and subtitling services for the deaf. Finally, we also offer transcription services in case you want in case you want to have in writing the content of a video or audio.




Localising is translating, editing and adapting a product or service so that it can be introduced in a market other than the original. For example, if you want to broaden the scope of your business and you need a website, mobile application or video game you have developed to reach other markets, in Cotranslations we will not only translate its content, but we will also take into account the cultural features of the target market to perform the appropriate changes and make your product work effectively in that new context.


Under certain circumstances a translation is not enough, and you need such document to be official. This might be the case of transcripts of records, marriage certificates, family registers or court judgments. For a translation to be official, it needs to be performed by a sworn translator appointed by an official institution, like the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The sworn translator has to include a certification, signature and seal in the translation in order to give the document the same legal validity as the original.

Traducción jurada



If you need someone to perform a detailed review of a document, whether it is a translation or an original document, in Cotranslations we can do it for you. We perform two different kinds of proofreading so as to provide the final text with the highest quality, checking both the style and the orthotypographical aspects. When checking the style, we take care of the problems that hinder the understanding of the text, such as lexical inadequacies, redundancies, cacophonies, pleonasms, disproportionate length of sentences… When paying attention to the orthotypographical issues, we focus on punctuation, unification, standardisation and detection of possible grammatical errors or mistakes.


Transcreation, or creative translation, consists of transferring a message from one language to another adapting it to a specific culture. This seems to match the definition of translation, but the main difference between these two terms is that during the transcreation process, the translator has more freedom to get creative and to transmit the message in the target language without “betraying” the author of the original text. At Cotranslations, we have the experience and creativity necessary to ensure that the message has the same effect and triggers the same feelings in the reader as the original text. Furthermore, if you need to create new content for your blog, website or application and cannot find the right words, we can write high quality original texts according to your needs and we also have experience in developing content for language teaching.